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Raise your hand if you’re already registered for BigStuf 2015! Some of the camps are over halfway full! If you want to save…

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We’re excited to provide the audio equipment for our friends, Rend Collective, on their nearly sold out “The Art of Celebration Tour!” If…

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We’re all HAPPY registration is open! Who will we see at BigStuf 2015? We already know @oakbridgecc @TrinityHsvYouth @thereyouth and @ElevateCUMC will be…

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The Flash Sale may be over but no worries! You can still get the Early Bird pricing! If you want to attend a…

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Happy Registration Day! To secure the Flash Sale price, a $50 deposit per spot is due Sep. 25th. After Flash Sale, the price…

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WE ARE ready for you! Registration for BigStuf 2015 opens tomorrow at 9:30 am EST!!! [Check out for details]

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We’re prepped & ready for registration to open on Monday. So to celebrate we got as close to the beach as possible-Terminus Wake…

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Since we’re on the topic of themes, we’re doing a little #fbf to one of your favorite themes, Konnekt, for this week’s $5…

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Students today have a greater platform than ever before. We all want to feel like we have a purpose. We all want to…

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Looking for a way to invite your friends to BigStuf 2015? Sometimes you just have to see it to understand. [full promo video…

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Only ONE day away until we announce our 2015 THEME! To help satisfy those of you who just. can’t. wait. ANY. longer. Stay…

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2 more days until we announce our 2015 THEME!!

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We’ll be announcing our 2015 THEME in just 3 days! What’s been your favorite theme over the last 26 years of BigStuf?

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Donut worry. Be happy! It’s Friday! How are you spending your Friday? #bigstufstory

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We spent this summer being encouraged to live out God’s story for our lives, but sometimes discovering God’s plan can be frustrating. We…

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That time when we had not just one but TWO amazing hosts this summer at #bigstufstory! Who was at camp when both @iamsojourner…

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Leader Testimonials

The BigStuf experience is like no other - unique, powerful, and done on a high level of excellence not common to most summer camps.

Anthony Rick, Coastline Community Church

BigStuf has radically transformed the hearts of my students so that when they leave they're living, acting and looking more like Jesus.

Kyle Thomas, Prairie Lakes Church

BigStuf is an awesome week of worship and fellowship with your students. Being on the beach in a camp atmosphere just adds to the amazing experience we have every year.


Great cost, Great atmosphere, solid Bible teaching. You're crazy not to go!

Jason Harper, Sarasota Alliance Church

Where God is found by those that seek and those that had no idea he was hunting for them.

Jason Weems, First Methodist Church

Big Stuf Camp has inspired and ignited our students' faith. If you are looking for a week for your students to recharge and for you as a leader to spend intentional time with your students without the hassle of planning every detail, then you have to attend Big Stuf.

Taylor Foley, Grace Church

It makes the most impact on my students out of any event throughout the year and leaves a lasting impression that helps change lives!

Jessica Morris, Main Street UMC

Bigstuf camp is big enough to feel like a movement but small enough to feel like God is personally impacting a student's life. It's an amazing experience!

Daniel McKee, Montgomery Community Church

BigStuf is another word for Life Change. It not only changes the lives of your students , but your volumteer's as well.

Charles Matlock, Two Rivers Bible Church

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